About Us

Grama Bazaar is an initiative towards empowering Indian Villages. It works towards bringing better returns to the rural producers by reducing the role of middlemen that result in the sustainable development of the villages. Currently, farmers, producers, innovators and entrepreneurs across villages in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka are part of the Grama Bazaar ecosystem.

Contact: +91 8331800100 | +91 94912 78836

Our Focus:

Innovative ProceduresWe at Grama Bazaar help in harnessing creativity and innovation. We strongly believe that innovation and invention are integral to human evolution and therefore, we do our best to harness these capabilities within. Whether it is a low-cost product or a time-saving process, we believe in adopting the best possible practices for agriculture, human health, veterinary and strive hard to reduce carbon foot prints. Grama Bazaar works hard on evolving new processes and procedures that not only increase our efficiency but are also socially viable and beneficial. We also motivate and support creative thinkers and innovators from regions across.

For the holistic development of the rural regions, Grama Bazaar facilitates the establishment of local community-owned production plants. The nature of these plants is defined in accordance with the environmental condition, geographical location, consumer nature, and other social and cultural aspects. Hence, opening employment opportunities for the rural population and imbibing a sense of ownership among them.